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Our pipeline pigging inserts are designed to help you speed up your pigging operations and reduce your time and costs.


  • Tough, hard carbide provides the best action and wear
  • Will remove the hardest coke and scale deposits in commercial fired heaters, pipelines and heat exchangers
  • All standard pipeline pigging inserts have a ¼-20 thread and are interchangeable


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GRINDING INSERTS – used for removal of deposits.  Available in either fine – 12 point; or coarse – 5 point




12-Point Steel Grinding Insert – while not as durable as our carbide inserts, these are adequate in many applications.  The threads are designated to be screwed directly into the urethane pig, with no molded-in insert.




FRACTURING INSERTS – used to fracture and weaken coke and scale for better removal

Standard Fracture – our HR inserts are suitable for most applications




Heavy Duty Fracture – for the thickest, heaviest, hardest deposits, use our HD inserts




Inserts – we also offer our FIN inserts for installation into urethane pigs to accept the Pipeco Pig inserts.

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